We thank our colleagues from lenta.ru for objective coverage of events in Ukraine. We believe that both we and you are waiting for the future in free, developed democratic countries

Dear editorial staff of lenta.ru

We, the “1+1” TV Channel, believe that freedom of speech is one of the basic values of the modern world. We defended our right to work as journalists and dignity of our profession in a hard struggle. We understand how difficult it might be for you now like no one else.

We want to support you in your rights as journalists and the people of Russia - in their right to hear and see the truth.

Today we start an open-ended initiative of supporting the freedom of speech in Russia. After dismissal of editorial staff of lenta.ru for covering events in Ukraine and suppression of other informational websites, Livejournal blogs, persecution of TV Channel “Dojd’”, we could not stand aside.

Launching of this page is just the first step.

We also appeal to Ukrainian, Russian and all the journalists from other countries to show their moral support to their colleagues. For starters, you can give a LIKE to this page.

Losing a job is not the biggest tragedy, but losing journalistic dignity is a real problem. You didn’t lose it.

Thanks to chief-editor Galina Tymchenko, chief executive officer Julia Minder and lenta.ru team Russians could follow all recent events in Ukraine. We know it wasn’t easy. We are thankful for your strength and honesty.

If anyone from lenta.ru team considers the possibility of moving to the nearest free country, we’ll be happy to have you as a part of our team. We value professionals and the best ones work with us.

Maidan rose to fight for our and your freedom. Together we’re invincible.

Censorship victims